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My half or one hour mentoring sessions focus on supporting Year 12 students in preparing for their performing arts assessments and/or exams, in the areas of:

​-  Singing
-  Drama
-  Dance
-  Instrumental 
-  Group pieces 

I also focus on implementing professional processes such as:​

-  Tailored Warm ups

-  Storytelling through scene or song

-  Characterisation

-  Singing /Acting techniques 

-  Controlling Nerves

-  Visualising your performance

Sample session for mentoring:

-  Warm up 

-  Discussion about the story of the song/monologue 

-  Sing through

-  Discuss and work through any points/concerns student has about their performance piece

-  Tips and advice about controlling nerves, managing anxiety and visualising performance

-  Perform piece with new information until cemented


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