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Artist in Residence is a popular and effective way to raise standards, improve performances, grow self belief, enrich your teaching staff and build community awareness of the performing arts.

My Residency positions are tailored to your school requirements, working closely with individual students, student groups, teaching staff and assemblies.

Sample 4 day residency:

- 10 x one-on-one half hour solo singing or drama sessions, working on individual pieces (possibly for performance)

- Two x three hour sessions with choirs or choral ensemble

- 3 hour drama workshop

- Interactive Presentation to Assembly

- Ticketed performance with students and mentors


“We were thrilled with the student outcomes of our Middle School residency with Rachael. We wanted a program that encouraged leadership, student voice and skills in the performing arts. Rachael’s skill as a mentor and expert in the performing arts brought our girls’ talents to the fore.”

- Dr Sarah Loch, Dean of Students Pymble Ladies College

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