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I work with schools across Australia, helping to deliver the best possible school musicals.


I am passionate about every student having a creative outlet and having the chance to leading a creative life. I believe that music and school musicals should be regarded as important as sport in our schools.


My aim is to have strong Performing Arts departments in every school across Australia.


I am engaged by primary and secondary schools to assist with:

-  Direction

-  Casting

-  Singing for individual and ensemble

-  Breaking down a scene and choreography


I can also provide tips on how to involve the whole school and wider community to create a musical with a professional touch. This will showcase your Performing Arts department in ways you have never dreamed.


I work with schools to develop bespoke school musical programs via 2 day intensives, 1/2 week workshops or consulting from casting stage through to opening night.


“Rachael Beck is well-able to meet students where they are on their journey and activate them towards self-realisation and accomplishment. She delves into her skill set honed by years as an authentic performer. Rachael skilfully develops attributes such as persistence, resilience, grit, inner strength and self-belief. All of which are essential not only for the stage but for real-life.”

- Dr Lewes Peddell, Director of Research, Learning & Enterprise Canterbury College

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